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the northstar/iceman revolution

the brothersisterhood of Bobby/JP 'shippers
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Many ideas are fabulous in theory, but frightening when put into practice. Probably the most obvious of these ideas is the communist system of government. But one of the least obvious of these-- and the one you'll find in this Livejournal community-- is the theory of a certain comic-based slash 'ship. More specifically, the theory that one Jean-Paul Beaubier and one Robert "Bobby" Drake (originally hailing from the comics Alpha Flight and X-men, respectively) might actually have something to do with one another.

Looking at the idea alone, there are intensely appealing aspects to the idea of Northstar/Iceman. For one thing, Bobby's wacky humor against Jean-Paul's dry sarcasm could make for battles of wits surpassing those of other duos in previous comics. There are opportunites for self-discovery and character development. Jean-Paul could use someone to help him relax, Bobby could use someone to make him a bit more serious, and both could use a little love in their lives.

And then there's the theory put into practice, AKA canon as dictated by Chuck Austen. Instead of an intelligent, groundbreaking new X-men 'ship to follow, he gave us Jean-Paul's unrequited crush on Bobby-- and shoved it down our throats for the mere purpose of proving that Jean-Paul was gay. There was no plot build-up, chemistry, or logic in the writing of this piece of "plot", and so we slash fangirls despaired.

But only for a moment! Armed with pens, pencils, keyboards, and other weapons of mass creation, we set to work, hoping to revitalize what could be a good 'ship, if handled correctly. Naturally, any virtuous cause should eventually organize itself, and that is the purpose of this community. We hope to be a safe haven for those who wish to discuss, draw, or write about Bobby and Jean-Paul-- provided that anything that takes too long to load is kept behind a cut, and that anything NC-17 should be labled as such. Additionally, as we are all brothers and sisters in this great revolutionary cause, it is requested that we all treat each other with respect, and insure that all criticism is polite and constructive. The rules are easy enough, so most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself! It's time to see a good theory not fail once it's put into practice.

Northstar/Iceman-- it's like communism. Only not at all.