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Find fic?

It seems whenever I want to find Jean-Paul/Bobby fics, I always get recced the two stories from ladyjaida. Problem is, the fics are friends only now. I friended her to try and get access, but it seems like she's not really on lj anymore. So I am kind of desperate. If any of you happen to have the fics saved, I would be eternally grateful.

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Let's Hogwarts AU!

*taptaptap* Is this thing on?

With all the excitement amongst Potter fen lately, I keep finding Hogwarts AUs for various fandom... but none have any speedsicle content! D: (And if you know of some, drop a link in the comments!) So let's brainstorm us some Hogwarts AU Jean-Paul/Bobby!

What Houses do you think they'd be, and why? Are they students, or teachers? Are they at Hogwarts, or does the Xavier's school "Gifted" mean magic instead of mutants? Is JP half-Veela? Is he a quidditch star? Does Bobby keep ticking off the Groundskeeper by killing the grass with impromptu ice rinks? Just how many dirty wand jokes does he know? What are their patronus shapes? And anything else you can think of! :D
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fanfic by Eliyes: "For the Sake of Argument"

Title: For the Sake of Argument
Author: eliyes
Fandom: X-Men, post-Mutant X and pre-M-day... or something like that. Mentions events and people from before that point.
Author's notes: Found this in an old notebook and figured I'd post it. Feel free to ask me about my headcanon for Hank's relationships, because trust me, I have lots to say.
Summary: A conversation between two old friends about past relationships prompts Northstar to make a move.

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Working on a fic

Hey guys,

I've been a long time follower of this community and recently I got the idea to write an iceman/northstar fic based in the X-Men movieverse. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to beta it before I post it?